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Nie martwcie się nie zarzucę Was wieloma zadaniami. Chciałabym tylko byście wchodzili na bloga i od czasu do czasu poświęcili chwilkę na biologię. W końcu trening czyni mistrza, a wiedza nieutrwalona jest ulotna. Tak więc zapraszam do trenowania…


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Upcycling/Recykling DNA Model Project – for eighth graders – not necessarily

Upcycling/Recycling DNA Model Project
Your assignment is to create a 3-D model of a segment of DNA.


You should use common and uncommon household goods to form the model. BE CREATIVE with what you have at home – there is no need to go out and buy anything! Try to use “stuff” that you don’t need any more – give it a new purpose! Use lots of color, different textures, and different types of materials to make your model interesting. Make your model as accurate as possible and be sure to label every single component. Use your best effort to make it neat and sturdy. Czytaj dalej „Upcycling/Recykling DNA Model Project – for eighth graders – not necessarily”